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'Event Horizon' Unique - Bath Stone - 2015 - Tim Corke
'Ophelia' - Alabaster & Copper  Verdigris - Tim Corke - 2017

OPHELIA:  Alabaster & Copper verdigris - Unique - 2017.

A play on of Hamlet's Ophelia and the untamed and uncontrollable. Ophelia's hair was wild and dishevelled. A representation of nature.

AVAILABLE:   www.sculptgallery.com
'Entropy' - Purple Soapstone  - Tim Corke - 2017

ENTROPY:  Purple Soapstone - Unique - 2017.

The inevitable degradation of matter and energy into the lowest possible state of inert uniformity; also the unstoppable & inevitable progression of time from the past to the future.

'Moksha' - Alabaster & Copper Verdigris - Tim Corke - 2017

MOKSHA:  Alabaster & Copper verdigris - Unique - 2017.

Moksha, the Hindu path to enlightenment; a liberation from the cycle of life, death and karmic incarnation dependent the actions of previous lives

'Last Light' - Alabaster, Brass & Copper Verdigris  - Tim Corke - 2017

LAST LIGHT I & II:  Alabaster, Brass & Copper verdigris - Unique - 2017.

'Last Light'. The pleasure and romance of experiencing the atmospheric ambience of the changing colours and light of the sky with the distant setting of the sun.

'Abscission' - Polyphant & Copper - Tim Corke - 2017

ABSCISSION: Polyphant & Copper - Unique - 2017.

Abscission is the parting of leaves, flowers or fruit from a plant genarally in the autumn. It can also mean a sudden separation or termination.

AVAILABLE:   www.sculptgallery.com
'Awaiting' - Alabaster &Copper  - Tim Corke - 2017

aWAITING:  Alabaster & Copper - Unique - 2017.

'Awaiting' questions thoughts about what lies beneath the soil and the juxtaposition of the dream of finding buried treasure and the brutalist extraction of materials

AVAILABLE:   www.sculptgallery.com
'Origin' - Marble Breccia & Brass - Tim Corke - 2017

ORIGIN:  Alabaster & Copper - Unique - 2017.

A singularity or collective has a point of origin. The stone is marble breccia; pieces of fragmented stone reformed by environmental forces.

AVAILABLE:   www.sculptgallery.com
'Distant Shores' - Alabaster & Brass - Unique - Tim Corke – 2017

DISTANT SHORES: Alabaster & Brass - Unique - 2017.

Representing feelings of detachment great journeys Whether it’s a bird migrating or a flight on an airplane, everything becomes temporarily suspended.

'The Coincidence of Consequence I' - Naranjas Onyx & Brass - Unique - Tim Corke - 2017

A COICIDENCE OF CONSEQUENCE I & II: Onyx & Brass - Unique - 2017.

Somethings true beauty may not be immediately apparent. The subject then becomes the consequence of actions and process.

AVAILABLE:   www.sculptgallery.com
'First Light' - Alabaster, Copper & Brass - Tim Corke - 2017

FIRST LIGHT: Alabaster, Copper & Brass - Unique - 2017.

As representation of the emotive responce of people gathering.  'First Light' is a celebration of the simple enjoyment of seeing the sun rise.

AVAILABLE:   www.sculptgallery.com
'Three' - Alabaster & Copper - Tim Corke - 2017

THREE - TRIPTICH: Alabaster & Copper - Unique - 2017.

To mark three life long friends 50th birthdays. They come together as one representing their bond of friendship.


'So Far - Closer Too' - Alabaster - Tim Corke - 2017

SO FAR - CLOSER TOO: Alabaster - Unique - 2017.

A cube broken and reasembled. It represents subjective and objective views of the mind. From inside looking out 'So Far' and outside looking in 'Closer too'.

'Capture' - Alabaster - Tim Corke - 2017

CAPTURE: Alabaster - Unique - 2017.

A combination of two types of alabaster. The disc appears supended in time and space as in photograph.

AVAILABLE: www.sculptgallery.com
'Between theLines' - Alabaster - Tim Corke - 2017

BETWEEN THE LINES: Alabaster & Acrylic - Unique - 2017.

Black lines cut into the stone creating feelings of entrapment. The dynamic angle of the lines symbolises struggle and a need to escape from 'within'.

AVAILABLE:   www.sculptgallery.com
'Before the Rain' - Alabaster - Tim Corke - 2017

BEFORE THE RAIN: Alabaster - Unique - 2017.

An exploration of the natural texture of worked and unworked stone. Concentric rings and chiselled textures creating the notion of a weather front.

'Unity' - Polyphant, Alabaster & Acrylic - Tim Corke - 2017

UNITY: Polyphant, Alabaster & Acrylic - Unique - 2017.

A combination of Polyphant soapstone, alabaster and acrylic. Commisioned to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary and the bond  of the family.


'Ascending' - Alabaster - Tim Corke - 2017

ASCENDING: White Alabaster - Unique - 2017.

A sculpture with ethereal feelings during uplifting experiences. The translucent nature of Alabaster gives the the stone ability to use the element of light.

'Skydance' -  Bronze Resin - Tim Corke - 2017

SKYDANCE TRIPTYCH: Bronze Resin - 2017.

The 'Skydance' series looks exploring negative space. The inspiration is the shape of a birds wing using the negative impression rather than as a 'positive' form.

AVAILABLE:  www.sculptgallery.com
'Skydance: Skydance Triptych' - Bronze Resin - Tim Corke - 2017 - Photo: Debra Blik


The first 'Skydance' and the use of the negative impression of a birds wing. Many birds use displays or 'wing clapping' as part of their 'Skydance' to attract a mate...

'Radiance: Skydance Triptych' - Bronze Resin - Tim Corke - 2017 - Photo: Debra Blik


Using the influence of 'Skydance'. Creating the impression of natural radiating light or forms. Using angular and radiating lines to create light and shadow.

'New Dawn: Skydance Triptych' - Bronze Resin - Tim Corke - 2017 - Photo: Debra Blik


Also using the influence of 'Skydance'. The influence of natural wave, cloud and water forms combining radial, spiralling and curved pattern and line.

'Argentia' - Ancaster Weatherbed Stone - Tim Corke - 2015

ARGENTIA: Ancaster Weatherbed Limestone - Unique - 2015.

A Silver Wedding aniversary comission using lighting and water. The design was based on the prehistoric Standing Stones of Stenness.


Aeolian' - Bath Stone - Unique - Tim Corke - 2014

AEOLIAN: Bathstone - Unique - 2014.

Studies evolved from exploring the multiple sensory experiences. The sculpture was used in a photographic series of settings and locations.

AVAILABLE:  www.sculptgallery.com
'Aeolian 2' - Ancaster Weatherbed Stone - Tim Corke - 2015

AEOLIAN 2: Ancaster Weatherbed - Unique - 2015.

An evolving progression on 'Aeolian' using Blue hearted Ancaster weatherbed stone. A site specific private comission created for a garden in Harlow.


'Pelagia' - Bath Stone - Unique - Tim Corke - 2015

STUDIES IN WALES: Bathstone - 2015.

A collection of studies created in the inspiring Brecken Beacons. Using Barbara Hepworth’s 'Pelagos' as an initial form, the shapes developed in a natural succession.

AVAILABLE:   www.sculptgallery.com
'Armillary Sphere Plinth' - Ancaster Weatherbed Stone - Tim Corke - 2016

SPIRAL PLINTH: Ancaster Weatherbed - Unique - 2016.

A reversal of roles; plinth rather than sculpture. A challenge was to create a contemporary style plinth without becoming the main visual attraction over the armillary sphere.


'Stream of New Beginning' - Forged Steel & Portland Stone - Unique - Tim Corke - 2012

STREAM OF NEW BEGINNING: Forged Steel & Portland Stone - Unique - 2012.

A study in forged steel & Portland stone, using the forms of waterworn channels observed on a mountain limestone pavement in France.