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'Ascending' Unique - Alabaster - 2017 - Tim Corke

Life & energy

‘As a sculptor I enjoy the spontaneity and creative energy of exploring any new or abstract form. In the vein of Immanuel Kant, I always desire to create ‘beautiful form’.

'I've always found Sculpture & 3D design fascinating. It can encompass, evoke or represent almost any thought or feeling the mind can create. I see sculpture as like a polygonal picture with infinite sides with the viewer interacting with it, not only visually and emotionally, but also physically and in time and space'.

Tim grew up in Lymington, a coastal town on the doorstep of the New Forest.
The nature of the landscape has become highly influential in his work.
Tim found an emanation and energy of ‘life’ in this landscape.

'There’s a freedom in the wide open spaces of the heathland and coastal landscapes that seems to liberate the mind and allow creative freedom. It’s like the landscape speaks to you with its ever changing mood. All that’s needed is to listen to what its telling you'.

Emotional response is key to Tim’s creativity.
He believes the ‘life’ that emanates from any sculpture is a reflection of the vision, emotion and energy embedded in its creation.

‘I like to feel the edge of the moment of people’s first reactions. As a creator of visual art you can’t escape the spontaneity of the experiential and phenomenological in the guise of simply ‘like’ or ‘dislike’. It’s point when observation ends and imagination begins; the realisation that your work has connected with someone else’s mind and created a whole new unique series of thoughts and feelings. It’s this cyclical analysis of psychology born from curiosity that becomes part of your next work’.

Tim has an MA in Art and Design (2015) and a BSc in Landscape and Garden Design (2004). Tim has practiced as a successful Garden Designer for the last 14 years.